Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beautiful Me - not about cross stitch

I started another Yahoo group. I am calling it Beautiful Me. Originally I intended it to be for weight loss, but then I realized that people (including me) sometimes need support for more than that.

I have had a break through in my life. It started when I asked my Dr for help with weight loss. I had been trying and failing with weight loss for years. He prescribed me with phenteramine. It has worked, but I needed more. I am an over eater. I thought maybe a support group would be the place for me. But even though this certain group says religion isn't involved, I have found that doesn't seem true. Their 12 step program was all about the Christian God...I am Pagan. We don't believe that a higher power can make all the bad things in our lives go a way. But I figured that I could deal with that. I sent the main office a message asking them about this. They told me that they didn't feel it endorsed one religion. I was worried about religious prejudice. But I decided to try and find an online meeting anyway...so I looked and I found one that was perfect for my schedule. It was a Yahoo group and at the very end of the group description it states, "The mention of God as your Higher Power is welcome and encouraged here". I know this wasn't a religious attack, but it didn't make me feel welcome. I want to know that if I am going to be discussing a topic like my weight, I want to feel completely comfortable in every way. I have absolutely no problem with Christians or their beliefs, but those beliefs are different than my own and I don't want that to be an issue anywhere I go.

Then the other day I had another breakthrough. I realized that all day, every day I do everything in my power to raise my two children to become healthy adults. I make sure the food they eat is healthy, the toys they play with are safe, and they have the proper clothes for the proper season. But the one thing that would kill them if they didn't have wasn't the best I could give them...air. I am a smoker. I have been smoking for 14 years. When I catch a cold, more times than not I get a cough so bad that I loose my voice. It makes it so I can't breath or sleep and it weakens my bladder muscles (OK, that was hard to admit). Before smoking, I could carry a tune. I joined another support group succesfully...quitnet.com. My quit date will be April 22.

So I had 2 break through already this year and realized that it is time for a life style change. And that is why I started this new group. It is a support group for people who want to change their life style. Weather it be one thing or their whole life. And it is open to everybody. If you are interested in joining, here is the link. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/beautifulme/ I will also post the link in the margin of this blog. Thank you for hearing my story...


Anonymous said...

Jess, I don't smoke and never have, but good for you for giving it up. I think your yahoogroup will be awesome, thanks for letting me join it. I know what you mean about groups being prejudice. I go to church when I want not b/c its Sunday, and its usually only a few times a year. I have my own beliefs and don't want others to stick their religion in my face every second they can. OOOPs getting tired and rambling. Anyways, I'm here for you girl. I know you have loads of people to talk to, but if you need one more phone support I am here for you :)

Mel said...

Congrats on your decision to quit smoking. I know you'll love how much better you feel.

I feel your pain on the religion issues with support groups. I am also a Pagan (Wiccan in fact) and have alot of trouble sometimes with the constant attack of God on me throughout my own medical problems.
I think it's great that you created a group with less centre on religion and more on just fighting back.

Sue said...

Good on you for deciding to stop smoking. I quit four years ago and am very glad I did. An added bonus is I have more money for stitching supplies now! ;) Your yahoo group is a great idea.

Tammy said...

I totally understand what you are saying in this post, girl! And I want to join your group too. I'm heading over there today!