Monday, March 30, 2009

Good News

Well, another week has gone by and I have some progress to show and some good news! Good news first.

I bought myself a 1982 Chevy Blazer! I was tired of getting stuck in the snow this last winter and vowed that the next thing I would buy would be a 4 wheel drive. I choose the K-5 Blazer for nostalgic reasons. My mom had a K-5 and it was the first car I had ever driven. And because it doesn't have a brain, so I can work on it myself. I don't have to rely on paying anybody to change my oil! So am I Happy? Yes, yes, yes!!!

I also finished page one of Lavender Moon. I am really happy with how it looks. This pattern calls for Krinek and it was weird working with it . They have me using it on the moon craters.

I was PIFed a small pattern in my Yahoo group CrossStitchAddiction. The original owner used the charm of a little red bird...something I wouldn't have used anyway. So I replaced it with a little snowflake. The dyed the fabric I stitched it on. I think it looks really cute!

I had thought I was finished stitching on these Celtic knots from InkCircles. I had wanted to make them into biscornu's. But then I realized that you wouldn't be able to see one of the knots. So I am using the boarder for the back and making them into two separate ones.

HAED has been calling my name again. LOL So I am going to start a Tiny Treasures by Selina Fenech. The letter 'I' is going to be for my son Issac. I also have 'E' for my daughter. I want to have them stitched up for Christmas.

And to close, here is a cute picture of my son. He climbed up on the couch and passed out after eating a cookie with blue frosting.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Page 1 - Almost Done

I havn't been working on Lavender Moon as much this week as last week. I had wanted to have all of page one done by today, but Twilight came out yesterday and we all know I can't stitch and watch TV. LOL But I did make some progress. And if you look at the bottom right corner, you can start to see some of the moon! I am so excited!
We are suppose to get our income tax check this week and I already have a list of patterns I plan on buying from HAED! I want to try and hold off until another sale...maybe Easter? But I want to try a couple of Tiny Treasures. I picked out Selina Fenech's letters I and E for my children. If they stitch up as fast as I hear, I want to have them done by Christmas. But if not, there are a ton of other Pagen holidays too. With so much to stitch, I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to stress about getting it all done. I don't have to put my self on a time's suppose to relax me. LOL Sorry I don't have any more progress to report. May be I will get the rest of my stash diet finished this week...even if I did fall off of the wagon and buy some silk weavers off of e-bay. LOL

Monday, March 16, 2009

2000 stitches

Another week has gone by and I have managed to put in 2000 more stitches into Lavender Moon. That brings it to a total of 5504 stitches total that I put into this piece. That leaves me with 160,396 left to stitch! LOL I can't wait to start seeing the fairy in my stitches. But that will happen in page 2. I still hope that page 1 will be done by the end of the month. But I am thinking that if I work really hard, I could have it done by next week's blog entry.

I have also started a Yahoo group for cross stitching fantasy lovers. It's a branch from the original CrossStitchAddiction group that I co-own with my friend Mary. The new group is called CSAFantasyLovers. I want to focus on HAED patterns along with other fantasy designers like Mystic Stitch, Dragon Dreams, and so on. I would love to see more people join, so if you are interested, you can find a link to the fantasy group along with the original CSA under the groups and blogs section to the right of this post.

I am also almost done with my stash diet. I have 2 more finishes to complete before I can start stash shopping again. You can see all of my finishes that aren't HAED related on my Multiply page at And now to close this weeks blog entry with a cute pic of my little girl.

Monday, March 9, 2009

1250 stitches in 5 days!

Here is the last progress pic that I have from a few months back. I worked on it for about 12 hours this week and ended up putting in about 1250 stitches. I have found that listening to audio books instead of watching TV keeps me on task. Right now I am listening to Twilight. On of the ladies in my Yahoo Group, CrossStitchAddiction told me about it. I think I was the last person on the planet who didn't know what Twilight was. I thought it was a TV series. LOL I didn't know it was a book let alone a movie now!

And here is my latest progress! I couldn't tell really how much progress I had made until I had seen the pictures side by side. Now this is only about half of the first page of Lavender Moon, but I want to have page one completed by the end of ya think I can do it?!