Monday, March 30, 2009

Good News

Well, another week has gone by and I have some progress to show and some good news! Good news first.

I bought myself a 1982 Chevy Blazer! I was tired of getting stuck in the snow this last winter and vowed that the next thing I would buy would be a 4 wheel drive. I choose the K-5 Blazer for nostalgic reasons. My mom had a K-5 and it was the first car I had ever driven. And because it doesn't have a brain, so I can work on it myself. I don't have to rely on paying anybody to change my oil! So am I Happy? Yes, yes, yes!!!

I also finished page one of Lavender Moon. I am really happy with how it looks. This pattern calls for Krinek and it was weird working with it . They have me using it on the moon craters.

I was PIFed a small pattern in my Yahoo group CrossStitchAddiction. The original owner used the charm of a little red bird...something I wouldn't have used anyway. So I replaced it with a little snowflake. The dyed the fabric I stitched it on. I think it looks really cute!

I had thought I was finished stitching on these Celtic knots from InkCircles. I had wanted to make them into biscornu's. But then I realized that you wouldn't be able to see one of the knots. So I am using the boarder for the back and making them into two separate ones.

HAED has been calling my name again. LOL So I am going to start a Tiny Treasures by Selina Fenech. The letter 'I' is going to be for my son Issac. I also have 'E' for my daughter. I want to have them stitched up for Christmas.

And to close, here is a cute picture of my son. He climbed up on the couch and passed out after eating a cookie with blue frosting.


Sadie said...

very nice stitching Jess. Your son looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks wonderful! You've been busy

Wendy said...

Congrats on your new car!
Great progress on your HAED! It is always nice to start a new page. Can't wait to see the start of your other project.

Meari said...

Congrats on your getting a different vehicle. I'm a bit confused, though... Are you going to do more "work" yourself than changing oil? I've changed oil in every vehicle I've owned including ones that have a 'brain'. The process is the same for all.

Your WIPs looks great :) and oh-so adorable pic of your little one!

Mel said...

congrats on the new truck and on finishing page one of your piece!!
Can't wait to see more.

jessneal said...

I understand that the changing the oil is the same in every vehicle But if I have to change the starter or the alternater, I don't have to take the engine out to do it. It was a desel engine, but the previous owners traided it out for a gas engine. So there's alot of room to manuver. There is also some interer work I want to do...or have done...I don't know.

sales said...

Great stitching! You DS is adorable.

Gabi said...

Congrats with the new car. It looks great. So does your stitching. Love all of it. And the picture of your son is adorable.

Carolyn NC said...

What a great pic of your sweet little son! Congrats on the car, too. Love your stitching!

Tammy said...

Nice Blazer! Great pics--Lavender Moon is really beautiful. I envy HAED stitchers because I don't know if I have that much "sticktoitive-ness", lol. I do love to drool over the website and may have to try a small one first! Nice job!

Nancy said...

Nice stitching update. I bet the Kreinik in the moon really looks great in person! Congrats on getting a full page done.

Fatema ( SL ) said...

Congrats on getting your dream jeep.
Lavender Moon looks really nice. I can see the Kreinik.
Congrats on finishing the first page.
Your other stitching is also nice.